These policies are designed for still photography/video crews. Additional policies apply for film bookings. Specific homeowners may have their own rules or particulars regarding shooting locations within their homes and/or the subject matter being photographed. Providing as many details of the project as possible to the locations agent during the booking process will help eliminate any complications.

  • Day Booking
  • A day rate is based on ten consecutive hours on location, usually from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Minimum Booking Time
  • Most residential locations have a one half-day minimum, although some require a one or two day minimum. Some commercial locations charge/ book by the hour.
  • Overtime Rate
  • May apply before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. on weekdays or all day on weekends and holidays. Please notify IA of any overtime hours that varied from those times originally booked. ALL overtime requires additional homeowner approval prior to booking.
  • Weather Permit Bookings / Rescheduling
  • Must be specified at the time of booking. All weather permit bookings are assumed to be for rain unless otherwise stated. IA reserves the right to allow definite bookings to take precedence over weather permit bookings. IA requires all weather related cancellations/rescheduling to be confirmed with 12 hours of the schedule arrival time. All cancellations/rescheduling less than 12 hours before scheduled arrival time will be charged a half-day rate.
  • Cancellations
  • Confirmed bookings cancelled within less than 24 hours are charged a full day rate. Confirmed bookings cancelled at least 24 hours in advance are charged a half-day rate.
  • Insurance
  • Certificate of insurance is required. Standard liability coverage is one million dollars, a hold harmless agreement may also be required.
  • Damage
  • If the location or any of its contents are damaged during a shoot, notify IA within 24 hours. The client is responsible for notifying the agency promptly and paying all damages.
  • Payment
  • Clients with no pre-approved credit must pay on or before shoot date.
  • Agency Fee
  • A 20% fee is added to all location (half) day rates quoted.
  • Finance Charge
  • A finance charge will be applied to all invoices not paid within thirty days.
  • Crew Size
  • IA must be notified if more than one crew is planning to shoot at a particular location at the same time. Additional charges apply for two crews (typically 50% over base rate).
  • Permits
  • Some locations are in neighborhoods that require permits for various types of shoots. To the extent the agency is aware of such requirements, we will inform the client at the time of booking. Payment for permits and other fees are the responsibility of the client.
  • Location Specifics
  • Crew parking, RV parking, phone use, food and drink requirements, overnight storage and other particulars will vary depending on location. Please PHOTOGRAPH the arrangement of all rooms being altered in any way and return all contents to their original order.
  • Storage on Location
  • All storing of boxes, equipment, props or merchandise over night at a confirmed location must be approved prior to the shoot thru IA. Fees will be per night and will vary depending on quantity being stored.
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